here's the deal

We can make beautiful things together. So If you both are looking to have those real-life moments captured, and wanting to walk away with not only beautiful images - but a stress free experience. Then I can't wait to hear from you!

I feel like I should let you in on a few things, things that really really matter to me. 
I believe in diversity, and all love matters to me. I won't turn down clients due to size, color, background, or beliefs. I also don't turn down clients due to how much they spend on their wedding or their venue. I think the smallest wedding in a park can and does have the same impact as a large venue wedding. I am there to support your undying love to each other - and those don't have qualifications to me. Ever.

I honestly believe being there on your day, like an old best friend, who will literally help you in any way I can over the course of the day. I want you to feel comfortable knowing that I am there to listen to your needs, guide you through the day, and feel rest-assured that we will make beautiful images together. 

While I am there to capture those gorgeous golden sunset snuggles and kisses, I am there to also capture your guests, tears, hugs, hand squeezes and so much more. Some of my favorite images from weddings are the ones you didn't know I got. The one where you did a prayer circle with your family and that tear running down your cheek is swept up by another family member. Those are the moments that matter too. The face of the other partner watching the love of their life walking down the aisle - my goodness those are my favorite. 
I am there to photograph the two of YOU. You are my main focus in capturing your story the way you want it told.
There is something so beautiful about capturing the true "you" in photos, and the moments you both create organically. 
I want you to know that I LOVE my job. This isn't a job to me, to be honest, it's like a really cool hobby I get to do full-time and it's the most amazing feeling in the world. 
So what are you waiting for? Let's start the process!

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Booked dates

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